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It may sound weird and the site may look simple but that's the point, they have kept matters as simple as they can, no gimmicks or pop-ups, and no spyware. Basically they offer to send e-mails, send cards and make phone calls to those who would liked to have learnt that you have died!! Registration is free (it is difficult to see just how they make money?) and if you need extra space there is just a nominal fee of 5 (8 or $9). I can see that they offer facilities to store your WAB files (phonebook) and data from your cell phone, they also offer a free will form. The site is being enhanced all the time, look for the updates.
Now I have seen everything! This is a connected site to www.lastwishes.org.uk. ashes2gems offer to convert 'Cremains' into a real 1 carat diamond, most interestingly they also offer to make diamonds using a small amount of hair (or nails?! - yuk) but this means that you can have a gem from a living person or a dog, cat, horse, etc. It also means that you can have a diamond made from a dead persons remains that are top be buried. Venturing further I discovered that their diamonds are around 3750 which is 1/3rd of the cost of 'other' man-made diamond suppliers.
BellaOnline Life Clock
Take this on line quiz to get an estimation of how long you'll live. See how various life factors affect your probably death date.
Committee, the band, the music. Download tracks below:

Golly Wog   Little Bird   Sultans Skyscraper   Ditty
Interview with June   Resume   Slip of the Scissors
The Economy has Spawned a Monster   Engineer
Mast   Pole End of the Year   In the Cemetry
Pump Can Dance   By and By   Ruby
Brain Injury and Brain Death Resources
A resource including the Japanese controversy, diagnosing, persistent vegetative state and religious views.
Death and Dementia
The internet resource for death and related topics
This site uses actual mortality and life expectancy tables to calculate your actual day of death, what you will most likely die from, and where you will die.
The Death and Grief Page
Provides information on the dying process and subsequent grieving.
The Death Clock
The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away, second by second.
Death in the Family
Short online summary of research carried out by Michael Anderson of Newcastle's Centre for Family Studies (UK). Selected Bibliography and Useful Contacts.
Death, Loss and Bereavement
Articles on how to deal with death and suicide, and how to communicate with others about the illness.
Death Online
This site explores what happens when we die and the ways that we deal with death. Includes articles, links and video.
Demystifying Dying
A workshop to deepen the experience of living by considering our dying.
Epitaphs and Poems about Death
A collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
Living Dying
Free online book which provides a very different and thought provoking view on disease, illness, living and dying.
Roadside America - Pet Cemetery
A listing of offbeat pet cemeteries in the United States. Includes morbid facts.
Seeing the Difference: Conversations on Death and Dying
Interdisciplinary conversations on death and dying, including perspectives from the arts, humanities, and medicine. Sponsored by UC Berkeley's Townsend Center for the Humanities.
A repository of morbid curiosities.
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